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Last week we visited our Japanese importer. Loints of Holland is growing…
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Eco and Fashion

Since the seventies Loints of Holland makes shoes from only the finest materials. Loints of Holland shoes may undoubtedly be called ‘green shoes’. All shoes from Loints of Holland are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, and are created with respect for nature. In most shoe models no lining is used, which saves on leatherand glue! The tanneries with whom Loints of Holland work do not use Benzidine or PCP in any of their processes and have extensive water treatment plants. Naturally, Loints of Holland controls where products come from and what is done with the waste.

Loints of Holland made a beautiful collection for Winter 2013/2014.  The natural colours and feeling of fruit and vegetables were the inspiration- the green of the apple and the purple of the cabbage. In short, the collection reflects "nature”. Loints of Holland is known for combining its multitude of beautiful colours and materials into shoes that have a distinctive design, are contemporary, are of high quality and are durable. With the fashionable designs and cute playful touches Loints of Holland reaches an increasingly younger audience.
Besides women's shoes Loints of Holland also make men's shoes.  Here too fashion, is combined with underfoot comfort and striking colors to provide the perfect in- wear experience.
Loints of Holland shoes are extremely comfortable, flexible, feature removable footbeds and are made on ergonomically shaped lasts. Loints of Holland transforms comfort and durability into hip and trendy designs. This proves that their winter collection will not be misplaced in the wardrobe of fashion and shoe lovers everywhere.

Twice per year we send our brochure to all our enthousiastic friends who wear Loints. If you would like to join the club, please give us your name and (email) address  "CONTACT".

Thanks, the Loints-Team!

Loints of Holland = Design x Comfort + You!