To maintain your shoes please read the following tips or ask your retailer.
All shoes with a greased nubuck or waxed leathern upper side you maintain by cleaning with a dry or damp cloth. When they are clean and dry, polish them with a neutral wax or grease.

Shoes made of nubuck you can also clean with a dry or damp cloth. To remove stains there is a special nubuck eraser. When they are clean and dry, brush them with a special wire brush to revive the crushed fibers. Now you can use a nubuck spray cleaner which impregnates (colourless or in the colour of the nubuck). It makes the shoes dirt repellent and maintains them.

Wear your Loints of Holland Shoes every other day so the leather can rest and the transpiration can evaporate (approx. 20-40 ml per day).

Partly due to environmental regulations and the natural characteristics of the material, intense colours of nubuck leather shoes and dyed leather linings may come off or stain when getting in contact with the heat and moisture of your feet. This is not a quality problem.  We advise you to treat the shoes with Colour-Stop.