Since the 1960s, Loints of Holland has focused on the production of sustainable shoes. In all steps of the process, strict checks are carried out for, among other things, fair working conditions, environmentally friendly materials and in particular a long product life.

The Loints of Holland head office is in Sprang-Capelle. Here we work with great care and attention on developing our collections. In Sárvár in Hungary we have our own Loints of Holland factory with around 115 employees. In our own factory we can ensure that all our shoes are produced under fair, safe and healthy working conditions.

By taking full control of the design and production process and being very critical of the suppliers we work with, Loints of Holland manages to create a product that is not only sustainable in its creation, but above all very sustainable in use. A pair of Loints of Holland shoes can last up to 10 years, after which our experienced shoemakers can often repair the shoe so that they can continue for another 10 years. And did you know that in most Loints or Holland models no lining is used? This is not necessary because of the high-quality leather we use and it saves a lot of leather, glue and labor, which makes it a lot more environmentally friendly!

We are happy to present our vegan models. From now on we have a number of shoes in our collection that do not contain any leather. These shoes are completely vegan, which means that no animal materials are used in the production process. Our vegan models are made from microfiber, an alternative to leather.

PS. For our material we work together with a tannery in Wegberg in Germany, called Lederfabrik Heinen. No benzidine and PCPs are used in this tannery. In addition, there is an extensive water treatment plant. Lederfabrik Heinen is one of the cleanest tanneries in the world and works primarily with Northern European skins. These skins are sturdy and of high quality. Exactly what we want for Loints of Holland!

Learn more about the sustainable way of working in the Heinen Lederfabrik via this video.