From a small shoe factory in 1918 to an internationally renowned shoe brand in 2019 Loints of Holland has been around for more than 100 years!

In 1918, Cornelis Klijsen proudly started as an independent shoemaker. He opened his workshop in a small shed behind his house in Kaatsheuvel and specialized in comfortable shoes.

His son, Hendrikus Klijsen (2nd generation) helped Cornelis in the workshop and grew up in the company. When Hendrikus took over the company, he started serial production. He converted the barn behind the house into a small factory and focused on luxury and convenience shoes.

In the 1960s Kees, Henk and Jan Klijsen (3rd generation) took charge of the factory. They combined their expertise - they too had been introduced to the shoe trade early on - with special design and also focused on more sustainable production. In most models no lining was (and is) used, which saves a lot of leather, glue and labor. In addition, the shoes were made of thick European quality leather, so that the shoe will last a long time.

The Loint’s brand name was created during this period, inspired by the river De Loint in the Waalwijk area. The river was then known for the large number of tanneries that benefited from the then still pure water and formed the main artery of the leather industry.

In the years that followed, Loint’s survived the recession of the 1970s and was ahead of the increasing competition from production abroad.

Erik Klijsen and Vincent Kriek (4th generation), son and son-in-law of Jan and Kees Klijsen, took over the company in the 1990s. They have started the successful export abroad, including many countries in Europe such as Germany, Belgium, France and Italy. Loints of Holland is now also sold outside of Europe, such as the United States, Australia and Japan. Loints of Holland is currently exporting to more than 20 countries around the world.

Now it is the turn of the 5th generation of Klijsen brothers. Johan and Ronald joined the management of Loints of Holland in 2018 and will take over full management of the company in the coming years. This provides a good dose of fresh energy for the proven concept that Loints of Holland is.